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A Complete Guide to Senior Events in Richmond, VA

Group of senior people meeting outdoors - Old friends meeting outdoors

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


October 19, 2020

Studies have linked loneliness in elderly people to serious conditions like dementia, so it’s vitally important for seniors to stay engaged in social activities for as long as possible. Simply attending events isn’t enough, seniors need to find things that excite them and get them fully involved with their peers.

If you or your elderly parents live in Richmond, you’re in luck. This city has plenty to offer in the line of appropriate senior events and get-togethers. 

These are some of the top senior events Richmond, VA has to offer.


The Senior Center of Greater Richmond

This Richmond senior community center is the focal point for many of the senior activities in Richmond. All these activities take place at the Peter Paul Development Center in Richmond’s East End.

Some of the events hosted by this club include:

  • Fellowship events on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Battery Park Fellowship Hall
  • The Potluck Picnic during August at Joseph Bryan Park
  • Field trips to locations in the greater Richmond area
  • Brain Boot Camps at Battery Park
  • Annual Senior Safety Days

The best way to keep tabs on all these Richmond senior center events is by checking their website regularly for updates. 

Apart from these onsite occasions, this hub of senior entertainment also facilitates a few offsite events at various locations around Richmond. 


The Richmond Travel Club

The senior travel club meets at the Imperial Plaza or Brookdale Plaza in the Azalea building at 1 PM on the fourth Friday of every month. These exciting, informative, and informal get-togethers focus on the travels of Senior Club members.

During these events, seniors get to share all their exciting adventures with their peers. These could be memories from the past, or recent trips anywhere in the country or the world.  

All you need to do is contact the event facilitator or the senior center office to book your spot at the next Travel Club meeting, or to request a chance to share your experiences.  


Wellness Group Richmond, VA

Many senior living facilities offer senior wellness programs in-house, but if you’re still enjoying your home life, you can join in the programs offered by the Senior Center of Richmond. 

Here you can join in their Joy of Wellness program which offers informative talks on health-related topics as well as the chance to loosen up with some fun and appropriate exercises. This event takes place from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm and includes a boxed lunch.

These events take place at various venues around town. You can book by calling the Senior Center of Richmond.

The Westminster Canterbury Club is another organization with wellness at its heart. The club offers regular talks on wellness issues like fall prevention, ways to combat movement disorders, and diabetes.

You can also join in their weekly aquatics and group fitness classes. 

When you place your health at the center of your activities as you age, you help ensure you’re able to enjoy fun, social activities for much longer. 


Senior Swimming Richmond, VA

If you’re a water baby wanting to reap the benefits of aquatic exercise, you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to fun, social swimming events in Richmond, VA.

You can join in at the Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities’ water aerobics classes at Swansboro Pool.

The YMCA also offers masters swimming classes for seniors at all five of their Richmond locations.

AQUAFIT Pool Exercise Classes welcome seniors to join in their water aerobics classes for a small fee at 11:15 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Swimming is an excellent, low-impact exercise for seniors that places no strain on the joints. It’s also a lot of fun.


The Richmond Walking Group

Seniors with an interest in keeping fit with walking can gather at Battery Park before the regular Senior Center of Greater Richmond weekly events. These walks take place outdoors if the weather is nice or indoors during cold, wet weather.

They’re guided by a qualified physical trainer who’ll help you set goals and achieve them.

Other great places for seniors to put one foot in front of the other in Richmond include:

  • Monument Avenue
  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 
  • The Virginia State Capitol
  • The Richmond Canal Walk
  • Richmond’s Fan District
  • Maymont Park 

Walking is a wonderful and often scenic way to preserve your health and fitness as well as interact with other enthusiasts. So, round up your friends from the Richmond Senior Center and get going.


Other Senior Outdoor Activities in Richmond, VA

Richmond’s many parks offer excellent opportunities for birdwatching around town. The Richmond Audubon Society welcomes seniors to join in their frequent field trips as well as monthly meetings.

The Cars and Corks event takes place at Maymont Park during September. Here you can join fellow motor vehicle enthusiasts to admire some of the world’s most classic cars.

The city also offers some great events designed for children to spend time with their grandparents. These include time spent admiring the indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Virginia Aviation Museum, Maymont or Agecroft Hall, and The Children’s Museum of Richmond.


Aging Gracefully in Richmond, VA

There are so many ways to make the most of these golden years, especially when you have the help you need close at hand.

Save yourself for the fun things by letting us take care of those energy-sapping daily tasks. 

Whether you’re a senior in need of a helping hand or wondering how to get help caring for an elderly parent, read more about our at home care services or call our Care Team today at 434.202.8565.