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How to Find Home Health Care Jobs Near Me

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


February 22, 2021

Are you looking for a rewarding career that pays well and provides job stability? Have you looked into home health care jobs?

The in-home care industry is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects home health care careers to increase 34% over the next ten years—faster than any other occupation.

At-home care staffing agencies in Charlottesville, VA and around the country are looking to hire new caregivers. There are only a few requirements and qualifications needed to become a caregiver. Many in-home care positions will provide you training once you’re employed, so prior experience isn’t a limiting factor.

Does this sound like a career field you’re interested in exploring?

Keep reading to learn more about finding local home health care jobs and what to look for in a good home care staffing agency.


How to Find In-Home Care Jobs Near Me

There are two main methods for finding the different types of caregiver jobs near you. 


1. Searching Online for Home Care Positions

When looking for a particular job, there’s always the “Google it” option. Searching for “in-home care jobs near me” can bring up lots of options; some of them may be valuable to you, and some might not. You’ll have to click through all the search results to see which ones show promise. This can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Searching for caregiver jobs online can also bring up recruiting websites and services. These can be a good way to cast a wide net, but it limits your ability to hand-pick an excellent agency to work for. But that’s the key to a promising caregiving career: working for an agency that has high standards and will care for you.

There’s a better way to find an exceptional agency that will allow you to use your caregiving skills and help you grow in your career.


2. Using a Home Care Staffing Agency

The best way to find an excellent caregiver job is to apply directly through an agency, and using a search engine can help you find staffing agencies. For instance, if you live in Charlottesville, VA, you could search “at home care staffing charlottesville va.” This search will give you a more specific list of home care companies in your area that hire caregivers.

Here are some benefits of applying to a home care agency directly:

  • You choose the staffing agencies you apply to.
  • You can use their website to find their values.
  • You can talk with the agency directly to get further information.
  • You can conveniently and quickly apply through their website.


What to Look For in Home Health Care Careers

Now that you know how to look for local in-home health care jobs, it’s essential to talk about what makes a good home care agency. 

  • Does the staffing agency offer in-house training?
  • Do they have on-going training?
  • How well do they pay their caregivers?
  • Are there opportunities for career advancement or salary increases?
  • What kind of support do they offer caregivers?

Below are the top three characteristics to look for in a home care staffing agency as a caregiver.


1. Valuable Training

Caregiving is a job that requires hands-on skills (practical skills) and emotional intelligence (hospitality skills). Not every staffing agency understands this and trains their caregivers in both sets of skills. Find a home care agency that offers in-house training that covers practical and hospitality skills. 

The more prepared you are for every situation, the better you can provide comprehensive care to clients. You’ll want an at-home care staffing agency that will train you in all the skills necessary to provide clients with the best possible care from day one

It’s also important to find home health care careers that provide on-going training. There are always new skills to learn, knowledge to attain, and situations to prepare for. A good home care agency will offer training no matter how experienced you may be as a caregiver.


2. Generous Pay

It’s hard to avoid the financial piece when talking about jobs. 

Caregiving is a rewarding job that offers you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of elderly adults. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy job. 

An excellent home health agency will understand the labor of love (and sometimes tears) that are required to provide compassionate care to clients day-in and day-out—and they’ll compensate accordingly.

Unfortunately, in-home caregivers often receive lower pay than they deserve. If you’re a passionate caregiver who has all the qualities of a good caregiver, find an agency that values their caregivers through generous pay.


3. On-Going Support

Caregiving has its easy days and challenging days. When days are long, or you’re experiencing caregiver burnout, you want to know that your agency supports you.

A home care staffing agency worth working for will also work with you. Their care team members will get to know you and build a genuine relationship with you. They’ll help you work through difficult seasons to find the personal care you need to regain your passion for caregiving.

Just because you may have tough days at work doesn’t mean you need to push through. Finding home care positions with managers that will be there to support you is a must.


The Best Home Health Care Jobs in Charlottesville, VA

Finding local in-home care careers can be a time-consuming task. However, knowing how to search for home care positions and what to look for in an in-home staffing agency can make the process easier.

Make sure that you don’t merely apply to every job you find. Take time to do more refined searches. Look for specific care agency jobs so you can control more of the variables. And remember, a worthwhile home health care career is with an agency that offers:

  • Valuable training
  • Generous Pay
  • On-going Support

At Commonwise Home Care, we believe that our greatest assets are our caregivers. We offer a one-of-a-kind training program to our caregivers that teaches practical and hospitality skills. This training allows us to provide our caregivers with some of the highest wages in the industry. Our Care Team are kind, compassionate leaders who build deep relationships with caregivers and provide on-going support.

Are you ready to get your caregiving career off the ground or make the switch to an in-home care company that cares about its employees?

Check-out our open positions and apply to work at the top at-home care staffing agency Charlottesville, VA has to offer.