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24 Hour Elderly Care

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


November 19, 2019

24 hour elderly care provides a solution to aging adults and their families who don’t want to transition a loved one into an assisted living facility.


24 Hour Home Care

Watching loved ones age is a difficult process filled with emotional decisions. As a family member or primary caregiver, you may see a decline in a loved one’s health and need to reach out for help. Not everyone caring for a dependant, older adult is able to provide the necessary care; let alone 24 hours per day.

In home care provides assistance by professional caregivers to help families care for aging adults. 24 hour care for the elderly in their home provides around-the-clock caregiver support without requiring a loved one to leave their comfort zone.

24 hour elderly home care typically provides two caregivers in 12-hour shifts to cover both the day and nighttime hours. In some cases, three caregivers will rotate for 8-hour shifts at a time. One of the benefits of 24-hour care is the constant rotation of caregivers, meaning there is no time where the patient goes unwatched. The 2-3 person rotation ensures that a caregiver is always awake and readily alert to oversee the patient’s care.

24/7 home care can be helpful for short term or long term periods of time. For instance, if an older adult undergoes an operation, 24-hour post surgery home care may be needed during their recovery. In other cases, long term older adult home care is particularly helpful. Patients who suffer from Dementia may require ongoing 24-hour home care to provide critical services such as daily medication reminders.


Live in Senior Care

Live in senior care is not the same as 24-hour home care. Elderly live in home care provides a dedicated caregiver to your loved one for daily support. This dedicated caregiver will literally “live in” the patient’s home providing close, one-on-one care. 

A benefit to live in home care is it limits the number of caregiver interactions to one person, unlike 24-hour senior care. Keeping the same caregiver day after day provides consistency for the patient. 

A primary difference between live in and 24 hour elderly care is the consecutive number of hours caregivers are actively caring. Live in caregivers receive a mandatory 8 hours of sleep per night while 24-hour care provides a new caregiver during the evening. 

In general, there are a number of risks inherent to live-in care. First, seniors place all of their trust in one person and can be left without a backup solution in the event that the caregiver’s availability changes. Second, the live in caregiver is permitted to sleep and occasionally leave the home. Therefore, an older adult will go unsupervised unless a family member steps in or additional care coverage is requested. For these reasons, Commonwise disfavors live-in care. 


Home Care Services for the Elderly

To recap, 24-hour care provides multiple caregivers in shifts for around the clock care. Live in senior care provides one caregiver who physically lives in the patient’s home for daily assistance.

Commonwise caregivers, whether they are providing live-in or 24 hour elderly care, assist with daily activities such as housework, toileting, personal hygiene, ambulation, meal preparation, and a list of other care management and personal care services. Regardless of the length of time spent with an older adult, providing compassionate, relational care is always our standard.

Additionally, our professional RN care managers play an active role in the management of 24-hour care clients. Commonwise is, therefore, well suited to deliver higher quality, round-the-clock service to clients.

Home care is not an easy conversation, but we are here to walk you through it. Whether your loved one needs total patient care by a registered nurse, or live in care by a dedicated caregiver, we are on call to answer questions and assist. To learn more about the Commonwise difference, call 434.202.8565.

Disclaimer: Please check with your physician before making any changes to your diet, exercise, or medication routine.