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In-Home Respite Care for Elderly Parents

An elderly woman in a wheelchair being pushed by a young woman

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


August 17, 2020

As you get older, you start to understand that your parents are getting into their golden years. Helping out your parents soon grows from occasional help to a full-time job watching over them.

Being the one and only caregiver to your elderly parents is exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. In-home respite care can help ease the burden on you while keeping your parents safe and under quality care.

Where do you find respite care for elderly parents? What makes a respite caregiver so unique? To get the most out of it all, let’s dive deeper to understand what makes in-home respite care so positive. 

The Basics and Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

When you become a caregiver to any senior, you fill in the gaps in their life and do what they might no longer be able to do. This can include shopping for groceries, helping them move around the house, cleaning and repairing their house, and even giving personal care such as bathing and dressing. 

This can become a full-time job, which is exhausting to maintain if you already have a career of your own. You do it for the sake of your parents, but you can only do so much before you can’t anymore. That is where in-home respite care comes in.

Where you fill in the gaps that your parents can’t do, a respite caregiver fills in the gaps that you can no longer do. There are a number of benefits to this, so let’s go over them and show you how important respite care for caregivers can be. 

1. Giving You a Chance to Recharge

When you are a caregiver for your parent, it takes up most of your free time. This can be fine every once in a while, but for your own mental health, you need to find time to recharge.

Even a few hours to enjoy a hobby or socialize can work wonders. This isn’t only for fun, this lets you come back to your duties as the primary caregiver with refreshed energy and a better grip on why you do this. Don’t give up the enjoyments of life to ensure the comfort of others, it only hurts you both. 

2. Letting You Leave for Important Business

Sometimes it isn’t a chance to recharge that you seek, but the needs of your other jobs and duties. If you travel for work, in-home respite care can be a blessing. Now you can leave and work with peace of mind knowing your parents are in competent hands. 

Even if you are running an errand for your parents, a respite caregiver can help to keep a close eye on your parents while you are out. This can be a lifesaver if your parents need critical care. 

3. Finding Your Own Identity

Being a caregiver is an important task. Taking it up is a valuable cause, but it should not be your identity. If your entire life is being a caregiver to your parents, then you are not living your own life. No matter their needs, a parent would want you to still be you.

A respite caregiver lets you go out and have your own life. You deserve your own happiness on your own terms, and respite care for elderly parents lets you find that and give your parents the care they need. 

4. Providing a Fresh Look Toward Caregiving

Sometimes the biggest benefit of a respite caregiver isn’t how they can help carry the burden, but what their training can provide. A respite caregiver is a professional caretaker and may spot problems that you can miss. They also know the most efficient way to go about some daily tasks.

This means that even if you don’t need a caregiver full-time, they can still provide insight into giving better care. 

What Qualifications Does a Respite Caregiver Have?

Finding in-home respite care for your parents isn’t always easy. You want someone who has qualifications of a quality caregiver, works well with your parents, and comes from an affordable and extensive service. 

We at Commonwise Home Care hire the highest quality candidates. The training we give them helps them provide the utmost care at industry standards. Whether your needs are small or major, our employees have the flexibility to fit your needs.

We provide service to communities like Charlottesville, Richmond, and Charleston. 

Types of In-Home Respite Care for Elderly Parents

When you are looking for quality in-home respite care, there are 2 major levels that you can aim for. These dictate the involvement of your respite caregiver. 

1. Companion Care

Companion care is the more basic level of respite caregiver service. This includes cooking meals, cleaning around the house, and running errands. Sometimes companion care can be as simple as providing a friendly presence in the home to combat loneliness.

2. Personal Care Assistant

Personal care assistants cover more intensive care methods. These are often items that take a very delicate hand and a calming personality, as they can be embarrassing to need help with. This includes bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming. 

Personal care assistants can also help to ensure that your elderly parents take any and all medication they need. 

Including the Family in In-Home Respite Care

Taking on a respite caregiver is a huge deal. Respite care companies provide a lot of benefits, but in-home respite care services still involve bringing a relative stranger into your home and into your life. It can be hard to make the decision by yourself.

When in doubt, include the rest of your family into this decision, from other siblings to your parents and other older relatives. It is not a slight on your own ability to look for a respite caregiver. You must make sure the family understands what you need to keep your parents in good care. 

Often the biggest obstacle is convincing your own parents that you all need additional care. Letting someone into their home to provide personal care is a big step, so do it together. 

Finding the Best Respite Caregiver With Commonwise Home Care

There is no shame in finding vacation respite care for elderly parents. It does not mean you love them less. Instead, finding a respite caregiver so that both you and your parents have a better and happier life shows how much you do care.

For the best In-home respite care, we here at Commonwise Home Care provide the expertise and compassion to make respite care possible. We have a host of options to give aged care respite, so look over our services to find the best plans for you or call our Care Team today at 434.202.8565.

Disclaimer: Please check with your physician before making any changes to your diet, exercise, or medication routine.