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5 Benefits of a Physical Therapist Home Service for Elderly Adults

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


February 28th, 2022

Elderly adults looking to regain or improve physical mobility, strength, and stamina can benefit tremendously from a physical therapist that comes to your home.

Most people think of physical therapy as a treatment to regain strength and range of motion after an injury or hospitalization. While that’s true, having “PT on-demand,” or a physical therapist that comes to the home can improve an elderly adult’s overall mobility and quality of life—both in the home and outside.

A physical therapist that comes to your home can make all the difference in being able to living independently longer.

Are you an adult child with aging parents who could benefit from physical therapist home services for seniors? Or, perhaps you’re an aging senior and want to get your mobility back?

If you’re looking for “physical therapy near my home”, then there’s nothing closer than PT in your home. There are also many important benefits to in-home physical therapy services for elderly adults.

Continue reading to learn more about physical therapy services.


What Is Physical Therapy On-Demand (PT On-Demand)?

Physical therapy (PT) helps older adults recover and improve strength, stamina, and functional mobility when a medical problem, health condition, or just natural aging creates limitations in performing daily activities. 

With traditional PT, a patient is expected to get in their car drive to their physical therapy appointment at the hospital or PT clinic. But this can be challenging for seniors who:

  • Aren’t mobile
  • Can’t drive
  • Don’t feel comfortable leaving their home

However, with in-home physical therapy, elderly adults can receive professional PT care in the privacy and convenience of their homes.

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The Benefits Of A Physical Therapist That Comes To Your Home

There are five primary benefits of having a physical therapist on demand for elderly adults:

  • Convenience
  • Personalized attention
  • Increased confidence moving around
  • Regaining independence
  • Receiving compassionate, professional care

Here’s a look at these benefits in more detail.



In-home physical therapy services are convenient for elderly adults and those who support their care. Having a physical therapist that comes to the home means you don’t have to worry about scheduling transportation or moving your elderly loved one from their familiar surroundings. You can schedule PT on-demand at a day and time that works best for your loved one.


Personalized Attention

Physical therapy in-home service is much more personalized than PT at a traditional clinic.

When a physical therapist comes to the home, they can provide elderly adults with private, personalized attention free from the distraction of other patients. The PT develops an intimate understanding of the older adult’s psychosocial and physical mobility needs, enabling them to provide an individualized care and therapy plan.


Increased Confidence Moving Around

In-home physical therapists develop a plan of care that meets the older adult’s unique needs for functional mobility in their home. The PT observes the elderly adult performing exercises within the setting of their daily life and creates a plan tailored to those activities. 

The elderly adult will, in turn, feel more confident in their mobility at home.  They’ll approach everyday activities with greater ease, like:

  • Climbing up and down stairs
  • Getting in and out of chairs
  • Moving about the kitchen
  • Going out for the mail

Your elderly loved one can also receive the guidance they need to feel more comfortable using assistive devices such as canes, walkers, or specialized equipment.


Regaining Independence

With greater confidence in their mobility around the home, older adults will also regain their independence. 

Improved confidence and greater mobility mean the elderly adult is less likely to be re-hospitalized due to re-injury or have a relapse of a health condition. Without worrying as much about falls or accidents, your loved one will feel more comfortable moving around on their own.


Receiving Compassionate, Professional Support.

With a physical therapist that comes to the home, your loved one will benefit from the support of a compassionate, professionally trained therapist. 

Since PT on demand is private and more personalized, the therapist gets to know your loved one on a more personal level, thus increasing the likelihood of compliance and reducing the time to achieve health and movement outcomes.


Can All Older Adults Benefit from a Physical Therapist Home Service?

In general, our bodies become more rigid and less flexible as we age. Movements that used to be easy can be more difficult and challenging. Even if an older adult doesn’t have a serious need for PT, it can still be helpful in maintaining their active lifestyle. 

However, there are some groups of elderly adults who can especially benefit from in-home physical therapy:


  • Those with a medical condition or mobility limitation that prevents them from leaving home
  • Individuals who don’t have reliable transportation to a traditional PT clinic
  • Seniors who are unable or uncomfortable driving
  • Those who desire the privacy and convenience of an in-home physical therapist service
  • Prefer the personalized attention of a physical therapist that comes to your home

Your physician or care team can help you determine if having a physical therapist that comes to the home is right for your elderly loved one or an older adult in your care.


Physical Therapist Home Services for Elderly Adults in Charlottesville and Richmond, VA

In-home PT is a great resource for elderly adults looking to improve their mobility or recover from an injury or surgery. It offers plenty of benefits for seniors, like:

  • Convenience
  • Personalized attention
  • Increased confidence moving around
  • Regaining independence
  • Receiving compassionate, professional care

Are you looking for the best in-home physical therapy services for elderly adults in the Richmond or Charlottesville areas? Commonwise Home Care is here for you.

At Commonwise Home Care, we provide older adults with exceptional in-home physical therapy services. Our team of professional, licensed, and experienced physical therapists provide tailored in-home physical therapy on demand to help your loved one become more:

  • Mobile
  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Satisfied

Commonwise physical therapists create a personalized care plan customized to your movement needs in and around your home.

Whether your loved one is recovering from an injury or simply wants to enhance their strength and stamina to move with greater ease, our physical therapy team is here to serve you, when you need them, and where you need them most: at your home.

Contact us today to get started with the best in-home physical therapist on demand for elderly adults in your area.

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