In-Home Care at a Higher Caliber

Kind words from a client’s family member about the Commonwise difference


August 1, 2017

Valeria Niehaus searched diligently for in-home care for her in-laws.

After choosing Commonwise Home Care, Valeria shared her experience with us.

Learn more about the Commonwise difference by exploring how we partner with families to provide industry-leading care.

One thought on “In-Home Care at a Higher Caliber

  1. “I screened several personal home care agencies for my declining father in law in spring 2017, and it was evident immediately that Commonwise Home Care was at a much higher caliber than the rest of the agencies. I work as a home care physical therapist and have observed many, many personal attendants in my 21-year career. Commonwise guided me through the process of gently convincing my in-laws that care at home was needed and necessary to allow my father-in-law to pass away at home peacefully and comfortably. They did not push us to use their service but rather responded directly to information I was requesting. Our request for a male caregiver was met for the majority of the time, and my in-laws loved all the caregivers assigned to us. The care was superb and worth the slightly higher hourly cost. The staff had a much higher emotional intelligence than other groups. I would not look any further than Commonwise Home Care.”

    Valeria Niehaus

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