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Where to Find the Top At-Home Care Jobs in Richmond, VA

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


March 22, 2021

As the population ages, the demand for at-home care jobs in Richmond, VA is also increasing. 

Are you a compassionate, hard-working individual?

Do you like to help others live their life to the fullest?

Are you looking for a satisfying and high-paying job?

The future job outlook for Richmond home care jobs is bright. Home health care in Richmond, VA is a growing industry, and many local agencies are hiring new employees. 

But before you start applying for at-home care jobs in Richmond, VA, it’s best to know what a caregiver does and what the best agencies are to work for.

Keep reading to learn more about caregiving opportunities and where to get the best senior care jobs in Richmond, VA.


What is an In-home Caregiver?

An in-home caregiver works in an elderly adult’s home and helps them with daily life tasks. 

Caregivers receive specific training to prepare them for all aspects of the job. Their training allows them to provide hands-on assistance and companionship to seniors so they can age in their homes. 

Caregiving isn’t always an easy profession, but it is fulfilling. As a caregiver, you’ll assist aging adults so they can live a more comfortable life. You also give adult children and family members of elderly adults respite and peace of mind.


Do Caregiver Jobs in Richmond, VA Have Qualifications?

One of the most significant benefits of a caregiving career is that it doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience. Though some caregivers have a certified nursing assistant (CNA) degree or other caregiving certifications, these aren’t necessary to begin a caregiver career.

However, there are some common qualities that excellent caregivers possess like:

  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Persistence

Caregivers are also usually personable and good at communicating since they spend their time interacting with others.

But even if you lack some of these qualities, you can still become a caregiver. Most home care agencies will offer in-house training that will prepare you for the job ahead.

The essential requirement for becoming a caregiver is a desire to continually learn and grow as a caregiver.

Now that you know more about caregiving and its qualifications, let’s talk about where to find caregiver jobs in Richmond, VA.


The Best Caregiving Career Opportunities in Richmond, VA

The best caregiving jobs will be with an agency that knows the home care industry and cares about its caregivers. These agencies will have:

  • A top-notch in-house training program
  • Industry-leading salary and wages
  • On-going training opportunities
  • A support network for caregivers

Finding a home care company like this in Richmond, VA can be challenging unless you know where to look. Thankfully, we know just the place for you: Commmonwise Home Care

Commonwise is a top home health care agency in Richmond, VA. We not only know the home care industry, but we care deeply about our caregivers.

Here’s what sets us apart from other in-home care companies in Richmond, VA.


1. Caregiver University: A Unique In-house Training Program

At Commonwise, we developed a unique training program called Caregiver University (CU). CU is a two-part program that prepares our caregivers for day one and beyond. Here’s how it works:

  1. The first part of CU is an 8-hour online learning portion. CU isn’t just a boring lecture or pages of texts. Our online training is full of engaging videos, interactive activities, and fun review cards. We’ve designed the online portion to help you focus better and learn the material quicker.
  2. Once you finish the online piece, we’ll bring you in for an in-person training session. You’ll practice the skills you learned and receive feedback from our Care Managers. This part isn’t a test but rather an opportunity to hone your skills and ensure you’re ready to provide expert care to your clients.

After you finish CU, you can start taking on clients.


2. On-Going Training

We not only offer training before you start your career but also along the way. There will always be new information to learn or new caregiving skills to improve in. We desire to give caregivers opportunities to keep learning new skills and growing in their careers. 

We also offer “Level-Up Days” throughout the year. These are special times for caregivers to grow in competency and receive an increased salary. Most agencies don’t provide caregiver career growth opportunities or salary increases, but we do because we know the value caregivers offer to us and our clients.


3. Generous Pay

Speaking of salary, we also pay our caregivers one of the highest rates in the industry. The national average is $11.73 per hour. Our caregivers can make $14-15— nearly three dollars per hour more than any other agency.

Often, caregivers don’t receive the compensation they deserve. Diligently providing quality care day-in and day-out isn’t easy. One way to make the job more rewarding is through higher wages. 

At Commonwise, your work won’t go unnoticed, and you’ll receive good pay.


4. Professional Support 

As a Commonwise caregiver, you won’t be on your own. You’ll have access to Care Managers who can support you professionally and personally. Our Care Managers are registered nurses (RNs) and master-level social workers who will build a deep relationship with you.

RNs can provide you with medical assistance or advice as you work with different clients with various needs. Social workers are available to assist with emotional, relational, or social issues that may arise on the job.

Regardless of what situations may occur, we’ll make sure you have the help you need.


How to Apply for Companion Care Jobs in Richmond, VA

Caregiver career opportunities in Richmond, VA are plentiful and valuable. 

As a caregiver, you’ll work with elderly adults and help them with daily tasks. Your work provides aging seniors with the comfort and safety of their homes while shouldering some of the burden of care that adult children or other family members experience.

To become a caregiver, you don’t need any unique degrees or certifications. Most caregiver jobs in Richmond, VA provide the training you’ll need. All you need is a compassionate heart and the drive to become an excellent caregiver. 

It’s best to find a home care company that values its caregivers. Top home care companies pay caregivers well, provide exceptional training, and offer on-going support.

At Commonwise Home Care in Richmond, VA, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to begin and advance in a caregiving career. Caregiver University will set you up to succeed on the job, and our Care Managers are always available to provide you with assistance. It’s also hard to beat the salary that we pay our caregivers.

Apply online and take your first step toward a fulfilling and rewarding caregiver career. We have many at-home care jobs in Richmond, VA available.