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Games for Memory Care Residents

caregiver watching elderly woman play games on tablet

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


January 8, 2020

Technology has touched nearly every cornerstone of our lives, lending a hand with the best memory games for Alzheimer patients to play.


In this blog, we’ll highlight some interactive games for Alzheimer patients to play to combat cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease is steadily growing more prevalent in the aging population. Almost 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s, and that number is projected to reach 14 million by 2050. 

Even though it can show up during an adult’s 40s or 50s, most people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are older than 65. Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but there are treatments that can help. 


Memory Games for Alzheimer’s Patients

Technology has touched almost every aspect of our lives and can be used to our advantage. Spatial recall games, in particular, are great for Alzheimer’s patients to play. Spatial memory helps us remember where things are in the short-term and long-term. 

Memory games for Alzheimer’s patients are some of the best types of treatment for a deteriorating memory.

Do you want to learn about some of the most effective games for memory care residents? Keep reading to uncover the best games for Alzheimer’s!


What Is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible brain disease. It slowly destroys areas of the brain pertaining to thinking skills and memory skills. Ultimately, it decreases a person’s ability to perform daily activities, which leads to the need for 24 hour home care.

Alzheimer’s is a type of Dementia. Dementia is the umbrella term for brain disorders that cause issues with memory, thinking, and behavior.

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of Dementia.


Games for Alzheimer Patients to Play

For Alzheimer’s patients and their families, the disease can be extremely disheartening and terrifying. As it progresses over time, patients often find themselves feeling agitated and irritable.

A simple Dementia simulation game can do wonders for the hope of an Alzheimer’s patient. Plus, Alzheimer’s games provide cognitive help and repetition that can make living with Alzheimer’s more bearable.


Healing Spaces Is More Than Just a Game

In conjunction with the growing number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses, there is a lot of research and development being done to better serve those living with Dementia.

Healing Spaces is one of the best iPad apps for Alzheimer’s patients, and it’s much more than “just a game.”

Developed by a woman named Gabriela Purri R. Gomes, Healing Spaces is a multi-sensory experience meant to benefit Dementia patients and their caregivers. The app is an excellent choice for memory care assisted living patients.

The smart platform permits caregivers to transform spaces for their patients through the use of color, light, visuals, and sounds. It also allows patients to generally focus, engage, and relax.


Games for Memory Care Residents

Depending on the patient, Alzheimer’s symptoms can vary greatly. Whether the Dementia has just begun or the patient has been progressing for years, there are plenty of Alzheimer’s games to provide help, encouragement, and brain exercises for dementia patients.


MyReef 3D

MyReef 3D is perfect for those who have advanced Dementia. The user can interact with different types of fish. They can perform simple activities such as stocking the aquarium and do other fun things like tapping on the glass, thus annoying the fish.

Users can also sit back and enjoy the reef’s beauty making it a fun and easy-to-use game.



Dementia usually requires 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home. The inability to function individually often frustrates patients as they’re unable to do the things they used to love.

Those who love plants, flowers, and gardens can grow a garden using FlowerGarden. From planting seeds to watering plants and watching their flowers grow, there are lots for garden lovers to do using this app.



MindMate is one of the best memory games for Alzheimer’s patients. It’s almost like a friend as it helps patients stay focused through activities concerning problem-solving, attention, and memory.

There are 8 interactive games that are both fun and educational. Users can monitor their progress if they please. Through daily workouts and mental activities, MindMate stimulates the brain regularly. Plus, it’s FREE!


Luminosity: Brain Training

Luminosity: Brain Training provides fun, cognitive training. It provides brain interaction and the ability to learn about how your mind works.

This game is perfect for Dementia patients because it uses science-based games to exercise attention, memory, speed, problem-solving, and flexibility.


Alzheimer’s Games for iPad

In addition to games, there are some excellent iPad apps for Alzheimer’s patients to use on the daily.


It’s Done!

It’s Done! is one of the best apps on the market for memory loss as it helps patients recall tasks they’ve done.

Everyday tasks are one of the hardest things for Dementia patients to remember. It’s Done! helps patients remember things like whether or not they locked the door or took their vitamins.


Spaced Retrieval Therapy – Memory Training for Dementia & Brain Injury

The Spaced Retrieval Therapy – Memory Training for Dementia & Brain Injury app uses a scientifically-proven method of spaced retrieval training. The technique helps people with memory impairments to recall essential information.

By recalling an answer over multiplying intervals of time, the app helps to cement the information in memory.


For Dementia Patients With a Creative Spark

The Let’s Create! Pottery app is perfect for Dementia patients with a creative spark. The user gets to throw clay onto a pottery wheel and virtually create a variety of clay pots. 

The app is fun and satisfying, and users can make a variety of pottery.


Spatial Recall Games Can Do Wonders for Dementia Patients

Living with Alzheimer’s or another form of Dementia can be terrifying, both for the patients who suffer and their loved ones.

Technology, however, has graced us with a myriad of spatial recall games to provide food and fun for the brains of memory care residents.

With many levels of difficulty and apps designed for both fun and practicality, there’s no reason why Dementia patients can’t benefit from integrating smart device apps into their daily lives.

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Disclaimer: Please check with your physician before making any changes to your diet, exercise, or medication routine.