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Where Are the Best Elderly Care Services in Richmond, VA?

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


March 1, 2021

It can be a shocking reality to realize that your aging parents can no longer care for themselves. Aging parents with declining health can also mean greater responsibility of care as an adult child.

Do you know that there are elderly care services in Richmond, VA that can help? Do you know what elder care home care is?

As an adult child, there are ways to ease the burden of caring for elderly parents. Many VA elder care services exist in the Richmond area, the best of which might be in-home aging elderly care.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of senior care and helping you better understand in-home elderly care.

If you’re interested in learning all about senior care in the home, keep reading.


What is Senior Care?

When most adult children think about long-term elder care for their parents, they think about nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In-home care is an excellent alternative to the traditional methods of caring for aging loved ones.

Many adult children are unsure of what at-home eldercare is, so let’s define eldercare.

In-home eldercare is a way of providing elderly parents with the ability to age in the comfort of their own home, usually through the aid of an in-home caregiver. 

An in-home caregiver is a highly-trained individual who understands the client’s needs and helps them with their specific lifestyle. They’re hired hourly and come directly to your parents’ place of residence. In more serious cases, caregivers can provide 24-hour elder care.


The Benefits of Elder Care Home Care

In-home care for aging loved ones provides a wide range of benefits for adult children and their parents.

As an adult child, in-home care provides you with:

And for your parents, an in-home caregiver will provide them with:

  • The ability to age comfortably in their home
  • Help with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • A continued feeling of independence
  • Safe transportation to and from home

A premium home care company will also provide you with a care manager that oversees the whole care process. They’ll work closely with you to create the care plan for your parents and communicate regularly with the caregivers to ensure the quality of care.


The Different Types of Care Services

Apart from a wide range of benefits, many home care providers offer different types of care depending on the client’s needs.

At Commonwise Home Care in Richmond, VA, we offer four different types of elder care services: personal, home, companionship, and care management.


Personal Care Services

Personal care services are hands-on support provided by our caregivers. When parents want to live at home but need help with personal life tasks, a caregiver can step in and assist. 

Daily life tasks that caregivers can help with include:

Personal care services are excellent for those who need assistance with ADLs or are recovering from an illness or surgery. 


Home Care Services

At times, clients may require more in-depth, customized care. Specialized can arise as a result of a change in physical or mental condition.

If your parent has recently received surgery or needs more focused attention, specialized home care services can be useful. 

Some of the specialized services we provide are:

All our caregivers are trained and ready to provide expert, hands-on care regardless of the simplicity or severity of your parent’s care needs.


Companionship Services

Sometimes senior adults are competent when it comes to personal care but could use an extra set of hands around the house. 

Here are some of the ways that our caregivers can provide additional assistance to parents in the home:

We also know that the elderly, especially in this current season, can easily suffer from depression. A caregiver companion can provide social interaction and engagement for your parents to help keep emotions high during times of isolation.


Care Management Services

At Commonwise, our Care Team includes experienced Care Managers. Care Managers are registered nurses or masters-level social workers who work closely with every client.

As a client’s age progresses and needs change, Care Managers can assist in the following ways:

  • Coordination and oversight of health services
  • Medication management
  • Attending medical appointments and procedures
  • Obtaining medical equipment

Our top priority is our client’s comfort, health, and safety. We try to do whatever it takes to go above and beyond in caring for our clients.


How to Get Elderly Care Services in Richmond, VA

At-home elderly care gives aging parents the ability to live at home and keep their independence. An in-home elder care caregiver can help your parents with daily life tasks or act as a second set of hands around the house. They can also be useful if your parents need more specialized care.

And don’t forget, in-home care benefits adult children, too. As an adult child, in-home care provides you with rest from caregiving and peace of mind about your parents’ care.

At Commonwise Home Care in Richmond, VA, we’re ready to come alongside you in providing expert care to your aging loved ones. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality VA elder care services in the area. Our Care Team is ready to talk with you, create a personalized care plan for your parents, and dispatch experienced caregivers to your parents’ residence. 

Are you ready to give your parents the in-home elder care they deserve?

Contact our Richmond office to start a conversation with our Care Advisors and see how we can support you in caring for your aging family members.