Commonwise has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure we exceed Covid safety standards for our clients and caregivers.
Learn more here about our Covid response and protocols. With Commonwise, home remains the safest place for older adults receiving care.

For Caregivers


Caregivers at Commonwise

True compassion cannot be trained, but it can be discovered—and rewarded.

At Commonwise, we work with best-in-class caregivers from a variety of backgrounds and compensate them accordingly.

We believe that home care is a uniquely challenging and nuanced vocation. To excel, caregivers must demonstrate exceptional grace and wisdom—and those who do embody the ethos of Commonwise.

Rewarding Caregiver Jobs

Commonwise Care Team members travel to clients’ homes and provide support with their daily routines. Companions focus on such activities as cooking, light cleaning, medication reminders and transportation. And our personal care aides provide hands-on care by performing such activities as bathing, dressing, transferring and toileting.

Who caregivers are

Some Care Team members come to Commonwise as certified nurse aides, personal care aides or nursing students. Others have extensive informal caregiving experience but no traditional training. And many have no caregiving experience at all. Regardless of background and expertise, there is a Care Team role at Commonwise for anyone with a compassionate heart and a desire to learn.

How Care Teams collaborate

As caregivers assist clients in their homes, they do so with tremendous support, resources and oversight. Commonwise care management teams ensure that caregivers have the skills and training to meet the specific needs of every client they serve. Caregivers are provided with in-depth plans of care for every client, ensuring they are well prepared for every assignment. Throughout the care relationship, there is an administrator and registered nurse on call to provide 24/7 support.

Why we’re committed to industry-leading wages

Although exceptional caregivers are not paid what they truly deserve (six figures, at least), Commonwise is dedicated to leading the home care industry in wages for our Care Team—now and always.

Learn more about the training we offer caregivers.

“I worked for Commonwise Home Care as a caregiver while I finished nursing school. I cannot say enough good things about them or the clients they support. I always felt supported in my work by the team, and the lines of communication were always open. Even during overnight hours, if I felt something needed to be brought to the attention of the administrative team, someone was always available to support me. Along with the administrative team, all the caregivers I worked with were professional, courteous, knowledgeable and attentive to the clients. The compensation was more than fair, with higher pay rates than most if not all of their competitors. I loved working for them so much, I referred four to five friends who also began employment with them.”

Rachel Dihle
Job Opportunities

Discover the Commonwise difference. We are always looking to add talented and high-performing caregivers to our team.