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Why Charleston?

Helping Charleston Age In Place Well

Written by:

Katherine Evans


August 15, 2018

Charleston is a beautiful place. A temperate climate, beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants and cultural offerings keep the city relevant and dynamic. When the tourists melt away, those of us lucky enough to live here get to explore Shem Creek, Middleton Plantation, boutiques on King St., and the cobblestone alleyways South of Broad year round.

More and more people are choosing to call Charleston home, especially those who’ve retired and are looking for a quiet but fulfilling life. As the Charleston population ages, we are seeing a greater need for in-home care. Seniors want to stay comfortable and independent in their homes. Delaying a move to a facility means more time surrounded by memories and neighbors. It also means saving, as the costs of assisted living increases as the demand rises.

That’s where we come in. There are plenty of in home care companies in Charleston. There are plenty of large franchises with familiar names and sub-par service. Some might even say that the home care market in Charleston is saturated. Everyone is clamoring to tell our Charleston seniors that they are the best custodians of their care.

But we’re different. Here’s how:

  • We’re a small but vibrant home care agency that carefully and diligently recruits the most talented caregivers in Charleston.
  • We then compensate our Charleston caregivers well, support and mentor them, empower and respect them.
  • This means we attract and retain talented caregivers who provide consistently exceptional, dependable care to our clients.
  • Our clients receive the kind of care that enables them to be comfortable and independent.
  • Their families get the piece of mind knowing that their loved ones are cared for.
  • And our caregivers are part of a team that enables them to be the best they can be.

If you’re looking for personalized, premium care for yourself or a loved one, please give us a call. Let us show you the Commonwise difference.