Commonwise has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure we exceed Covid safety standards for our clients and caregivers.
Learn more here about our Covid response and protocols. With Commonwise, home remains the safest place for older adults receiving care.

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Commonwise Therapy Services

Private physical therapy for older adults – wherever one calls home.

Physical Therapy

  • Improve movement or ability
  • Prevent or recover from an injury
  • Prevent disability or surgery
  • Rehab after a stroke, accident, injury, or surgery
  • Work on balance to prevent a slip or fall
  • Manage a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis
  • Learn to use assistive devices like a walker or cane

About Commonwise Home Therapy

Commonwise Home Therapy can pick up where insurance leaves off.

What we do

We provide geriatric physical therapy services in Charlottesville, Richmond, and the surrounding counties. While traditional in-home physical therapy services are prescribed by a physician and delivered by large home health organizations, Commonwise works privately with clients who wish to continue therapy beyond their coverage period

How we work

All Commonwise therapy sessions take place in the homes of our clients. Our professional Physical Therapists create a customized schedule and Care Plan for each client which reflects their unique goals, with relationships often continuing for years.

Who we are

Commonwise Physical Therapists are licensed health professionals with specific graduate training in physical therapy. Our private relationship structure helps Commonwise attract therapists who are passionate about developing long term partnerships that truly help clients and realize their goals. As a result, our therapists are some of the most respected and coveted professionals in our communities.

Why we are different

One of the main distinctions between Commonwise and traditional in-home physical therapy is the relationship that forms between therapist and client. Because we contract with clients privately, therapy can continue indefinitely. As a result, consistent companionship for older adults is another unique benefit of working with Commonwise.

Physiotherapist working with happy senior patient at home

About Commonwise Home Therapy

Commonwise Home Therapy originated as Becky Williams, PT. Ms. Williams offered private physical therapy services to older adults in Central Virginia for many years, earning a reputation for providing high-quality in-home therapy with an extraordinary awareness of the unique needs of older adults. Demand for her private services soon exceeded her capacity and she hired several talented therapists to join her new firm, BW PT. When Ms. Williams retired in 2018, her practice, including its operations and philosophy, was purchased by Cornerstone Physical Therapy, which continued to provide services in multiple markets.

In 2021, Cornerstone was acquired by Commonwise Home Care to become Commonwise Home Therapy. Commonwise is dedicated to Ms. Williams’ original vision.

Our service area

Commonwise Home Therapy provides services in and around:

  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Charleston, SC
Senior man making physiotherapy session with young doctor (woman) - concept of physical therapy during or after covid-19 outbreak - focus on the hand with dumbbell

“My 84-year-old father began using Commonwise Home Therapy after his home health benefit expired following a surgery. We wanted to make sure he didn’t regress and hoped he would continue regaining his strength. We’ve been delighted to see that his weekly therapy visit has made him stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Jody G.

“My mother has mild dementia and receives home care with Commonwise. Her RN Care Manager recognized a decline in her physical strength and recommended we consider PT for an exercise program. At first, mom was unsure, but when she realized she could receive the therapy in her own home (her backyard, actually) she decided to give it a try. That was over a year ago – she loves her weekly session!”

Elliott D.

“Mom’s balance had been worrying us for some time. We were basically holding our breath as she got up and walked to the kitchen. We were referred to Commonwise with the hope that a therapist may be able to put together an exercise program to help her regain some steadiness. Her gait has definitely improved and we were surprised how much she enjoys her sessions. ”

Alicia S.

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