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The Life of a Home Care Worker

Caregiving requires a level of emotional sophistication often associated with higher-paying jobs

Written by:

Jeffrey W. Grossman


September 1, 2017

Meet Diane, an exceptionally gifted caregiver who felt called to home health work.

An op-ed published in the Virginian-Pilot shares a thoughtful vignette of a real-life caregiver and highlights the hard emotional work of this vocation.

Diane became a caregiver because she found it fulfilling. Her clients and their families love her because of her kind and understanding nature—but many are perhaps unaware of the challenges and decisions that Diane faces on a daily basis.

Read on to catch a glimpse of Diane’s day.

One thought on “The Life of a Home Care Worker

  1. “The phone rings, and it is the patient’s son with whom she has a complicated relationship. Instead of finishing lunch, she cries. Diane is no longer a personal care provider, rather a trusted companion in a moment of need. She consoles the patient, tells some stories and tries to redirect her attention to something lighter. They hug, and the day is over. Sometimes the stresses of the day linger all night.

    “This is what quality home health looks like. Not all home health workers are as gifted, or give so much.”

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