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In Service Training For Caregivers

Written By:

Jeffrey W. Grossman & Sean L. Greer


May 10, 2016

An op-ed we published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch explores the shortage of excellent home care aides and how outstanding training can help solve this crisis.

Caregivers perform extremely difficult work every day and yet are widely underpaid. This gap discourages otherwise excellent aides from pursuing a career in the home care industry.


Does A Caregiver Need to be Trained?

One way to address the caregiver shortage is for industry and community organizations to collaborate to offer high-quality training. If home care agencies want to be seen as high-quality, they need to hire and train high-quality people.


What is Caregiver Training?

Training for caregivers of the elderly is something we take seriously at Commonwise Home Care. Some of our Care Team members had no experience when they first applied, while others had years of experience.

We provide caregiver basic training and even certify team members in special areas such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. In service training for caregivers provides on-the-job experience and consistency across all of our care providers.

Learn more about the Commonwise Difference by visiting our Careers page.

One thought on “In Service Training For Caregivers

  1. “There is, of course, no single answer to this caregiver conundrum. Recent innovation and investment in home care have been narrowly focused on developing technology to support care needs. Technology is important, but is only one component of a true solution. Another element should be the development of innovative training to attract candidates to the field. Collaboration between industry and local community organizations may offer a template for adding the right type of caregivers to the marketplace.”

    Jeffrey W. Grossman and Sean L. Greer

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