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The 5 Best Careers Working with Seniors in Their Homes

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


February 14th, 2022

Are you on the hunt for jobs helping seniors in their homes? Helping senior adults live a lifestyle of independence and dignity can be a fulfilling career. Fortunately, there are a variety of rewarding careers working with the elderly.

Five of the best types of jobs working with the elderly include:

  • Speech therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Visiting RN
  • Professional caregiver
  • Patient advocate/care manager

So, which jobs helping seniors in their homes are right for you? 

In this article, we’ll look closer at the traits necessary to secure high-paying jobs with elderly clients, as well as some of the best jobs working with seniors.

There’s never been a better time to apply your skills and pursue careers working with seniors, so let’s look at some in more detail.


What Skills Are Necessary For Careers Working With Elderly Clients?

As aging adults opt for home care over nursing homes, the demand for trained caregivers is on the rise. Organizations looking to fill high-paying geriatric jobs often look for individuals with medical backgrounds and caring, compassionate attitudes.

Some of the various types of jobs working with the elderly require an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in a medical field – such as speech therapy or physical therapy. Others may accept a specialized certification in place of a degree.

Knowing how to work with elderly patients may require additional education and training, especially in registered nursing or geriatric care management.

While some roles do require specific credentials, there are other jobs helping seniors in their homes that don’t require formal certification or a medical background – just strong communication and calm, kind-hearted personalities.

No matter your career path, there are some personal traits and characteristics that are beneficial in careers working with the elderly:

  • Compassion: Elderly individuals needing help require empathic and understanding companions who can listen without judgment or bias.
  • Organization: Keeping track of medical records, bills, care calendars, and meetings is essential when juggling the needs of multiple clients.
  • Eagerness to Learn: Those who can learn quickly and stay on top of the newest advancements in senior care and treatment are well-suited for these roles.
  • Problem-Solving: Elderly clients may face unique challenges that require critical thinking, especially when managing challenging behaviors or addressing patient needs.
  • Resourcefulness: Because elderly individuals often require various types of help, it’s important to be aware of community resources and referral services, so you always know where to turn for additional support when needed.

Now that you know more about the general skills and qualities needed to work with the elderly, let’s look at some specific jobs catered toward helping seniors in their homes.

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5 Types Of Careers Working with Seniors

Though there are many careers with senior citizens to choose from, the following five high-paying geriatric jobs are among the most popular.


1. Speech Therapist

One of the top careers working with senior citizens is as a speech therapist.

Working in speech therapy can be an enriching career, as you help patients regain their ability to communicate and connect with others.

Speech therapists work to improve the lives of their patients by restoring lost functions and reducing frustrations associated with impairments in:

  • Speaking
  • Language processing
  • Voice tone and strength
  • Chewing
  • Swallowing

As a speech therapist, you have a unique opportunity to help individuals recover from strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other life-altering health conditions.


2. Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is another example of the jobs working with seniors in their homes that provide an opportunity for you to use your specialized skills to make a difference.

A physical therapist is responsible for helping elderly patients with physical impairments increase their mobility and independence.

Physical therapists work closely with doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, and other health care providers to help patients decrease pain and restore function.

Physical therapy is one of the top high-paying geriatric jobs, and with the growing need for skilled professionals, the demand to fill these roles is high. However, you will need a bachelor’s and graduate’s degree to become a physical therapist.


3. Visiting RN

Working as a visiting RN is a great way to help seniors live independently with dignity in the comfort of their own homes.

A visiting RN typically works with a company that provides in-home care to older adults.

Visiting RNs are responsible for helping with:

  • Administering medications
  • Monitoring patients’ conditions and vital signs
  • Reporting changes in patients’ health to their primary care provider
  • Assessing home safety and environment for infection risks
  • Providing education and information on self-care methods and disease management

Visiting RNs bring hope and help to many. Visiting RN careers working with seniors provide a valuable service to patients and families and a rewarding livelihood to the nurses.


4. Professional Caregiver

Another one of the top jobs working with geriatrics also includes being a professional caregiver.

Professional caregivers provide daily hands-on help to clients who require assistance with basic activities such as

  • Getting dressed
  • Socializing
  • Bathing
  • Meal prepping
  • Eating
  • Taking medications
  • Transportation to appointments or errands

Professional caregivers are not required to have formal medical training or even certifications. The best professional home care organizations offer comprehensive training on how to work with elderly patients to ensure their caregivers are set up for success from the moment they begin.

Because there are few requirements to become a caregiver, it’s a great job for anyone looking to start a career helping seniors.


5. Patient Advocate/Care Manager

Patient advocates fight to ensure their patients have access to appropriate healthcare services and medications, helping them navigate challenging processes such as insurance claims, billing issues, and more.

A patient advocate will often work with patients who:

  • Are facing life-threatening or chronic illnesses
  • Need professional care coordination
  • Are seeking education and counseling
  • Require case management services

Patient advocates can be an invaluable resource in financial aid and reimbursement assistance. They also provide a voice for individuals who may have difficulty speaking up about their healthcare issues or loved ones.

There’s a rising need for male patient advocates for elderly men who would prefer a male advocate in their lives.


Discover Unique Jobs Helping Seniors In Their Homes With Commonwise

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits associated with the top careers working with elderly seniors. From speech and physical therapy to case managers and caregivers, trained elder care professionals are a lifeline for seniors living in their homes.

If you’re wondering how to work with elderly patients or are looking specifically for careers working with seniors in the Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Richmond, or Charleston areas, Commonwise is hiring for a variety of openings.

At Commonwise Home Care, we provide all our caregivers with:

  • Comprehensive in-house training
  • Great pay and opportunities for raises
  • Ongoing training and support

In addition, you don’t need to have any previous experience with caregiving to start working with us. All you need is a valid driver’s license, a working vehicle, and a desire to provide quality care to aging adults.

To learn more about how to pursue rewarding careers with senior citizens, take a look at our open jobs today. Our team of dedicated professionals will equip you with the skills, training, and knowledge needed to succeed in these incredible jobs helping seniors in their homes.

We’re hiring caregivers in Charlottesville, Richmond, Williamsburg, VA and Charleston, SC.

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