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This Week’s Core Value

Written by:

Keith Breault


July 20, 2018

The Commonwise team has grown in the last six months. As a refresher for our seasoned staff and in order to align the newcomers, we are taking time out of every weekly meeting to review one of our core values. On Wednesday we discussed “integrity.”

What person or organization comes to your mind when you think of integrity? Most likely, someone known for unwavering trustworthiness—primarily amidst times of adversity. Perhaps you thought of someone who handled a difficult situation honorably, even at great personal cost.

Anyone can claim to have integrity. Like most virtues, however, it is only tested and proven during times of difficulty or weakness or temptation. People of integrity hold fast to honor even when it’s costly, and even when no one else is watching.

So why do we care so much about integrity at Commonwise? At Commonwise, integrity is our vertebrae—the singular, load-bearing core upon which all the other values depend. The Latin “integer” means whole and complete and is often used to describe the fortitude of structures. A bridge or tower with poor integrity, for instance, cannot be trusted to stand through tempests or earthquakes.

Commonwise extends a weighty invitation to caregivers and clients alike: You can trust us with the people you love the most, for the long haul. We will honor you with unwavering honesty, sincerity, and transparency—even when it costs us, and even when no one else is watching.