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Gidget Grossman

Therapy Dog

Having a dog is hard. Loving a dog is easy: stimulating, relaxing and fun! 

Commonwise clients who might benefit from pet therapy can request a care management session with Gidget, and one of our care managers will organize a time to bring her by. 

While the focus of the visit can be simply playing with Gidget, we have found that her presence tends to put folks at ease so that they feel comfortable opening up about what is on their minds. Some of our most productive care management sessions occur over Gidget’s watchful brown eyes. 

Gidget was born on June 20, 2013. She was bred by Dr. Pam Hand of Free Union, VA, who has devoted herself as a retired vet to breeding puppies for service positions. Dr. Hand worked with Gidget for the first eight weeks of her life before she was sent to Saint Francis Service Dogs to continue her rigorous training. Following nearly two years of intense efforts, it was determined that Gidget did not have the desire to be a full-time service dog but rather would make an excellent therapy dog—a job at which she excels!)

To arrange a therapy session with Gidget, please email us at