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A Complete Guide to United Way Caring for Community Awards in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


October 5, 2020

COVID-19 has brought hardship to the world, the nation, and right here to our home state of Virginia. A recent report revealed that there are currently over 140,000 positive cases in the Commonwealth, alone. 

During these difficult and uncertain times, it is important that members of the community come together for safety, security, and joy. We are proud to continue to offer our at-home care services to the Charlottesville families who depend on our caregivers. 

It is an absolute honor to announce that Commonwise Home Care was one of the organizations given a United Way Caring for Community Award. It is both humbling and affirmative of our work to receive such wonderful recognition.

What is the United Way Caring for Community Award? Read on for our complete guide.


What Is United Way of Greater Charlottesville?

The United Way is a national organization devoted to resolving any pressing issues that exist within individual communities. Through partnerships with nonprofits, government agencies, schools, businesses, financial institutions, and other organizations, United Way looks for community-based solutions that better human lives.

In Greater Charlottesville, our United Way branch is focused on three major goals: school readiness, financial stability, and community connection. Through programs like their Early Learners scholarships, tax assistance awareness, and the Annual Day of Caring, United Way of Greater Charlottesville brings the community together. 


What Is the Annual Day of Caring?

The Annual Day of Caring was established 29 years ago by Laurence E. Richardson. The objective of the Annual Day of Caring is to engage the community through broad-reaching community service. For our Day of Caring, Charlottesville volunteers can participate in a one-day event and learn more about the organizations in our community that can use our help!

This year, the Annual Day of Caring, which took place on September 2nd, looked a little different. Normally, United Way encourages us all to gather together en masse and head out into the community to complete projects for our neighbors and other organizations. Due to the necessity of social distancing measures, many of us went out in smaller groups or participated in virtual volunteer programs.


Who Can Reach Out for Volunteers?

If you are a member of a local nonprofit, public school, or faith-based organization, you can reach out to United Way about the Annual Day of Caring. Members of these groups may submit proposals of projects that require volunteers and United Way will take care of the rest!

For example, this year several volunteers from Management Services Corporation paired up with the Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC). Together, these volunteers helped CATEC complete their education space, which utilizes both indoor and outdoor space, for the upcoming months. This space will go on to serve Culinary Arts students as they learn how to grow, cultivate, and cook a variety of plant-based foods!

This is just one of the dozens of projects that were completed this year. Some organizations provided technical training online while others performed traditional, hands-on work at a safe distance. 


Who Can Volunteer?

Interested in participating next year? Anyone in the Greater Charlottesville area is welcome to sign up for a Day of Caring service project!

Many volunteers come in groups, whether they are members of an organization, educational program, or business. Not only does volunteer work create a stronger community, but it also offers a unique bonding experience for you and your peers.


Who Sponsored the 2020 Day of Caring?

The 2020 Day of Caring was sponsored by the University of Virginia (UVA). UVA students and faculty often make up a large number of the volunteers present on the Annual Day of Caring.

The university considers community outreach an important part of its mission. Participating in volunteer work allows students to become more immersed in and proud of the wider Charlottesville area.


What Is the United Way Caring for Community Award?

This year, United Way of Greater Charlottesville created the first-ever Caring for Community Award. United Way understands how difficult navigating COVID-19 has been. Community members and organizations have worked hard to keep themselves and those they serve safe. Everyone here at Commonwise Home Care understands just how important caring for communities after a disaster is. 

To honor the tireless commitment and effort put forth by local organizations, United Way bestowed the Caring for Community Award on twelve different organizations. These organizations are part of the local faith community, government, nonprofit, and medical sectors. Each group was nominated by members of the wider community and selected for going above and beyond to provide care.

The twelve honourees of the 2020 Caring for Community Award are

  • Commonwise Home Care for Above and Beyond business
  • Siri Russell for Above and Beyond local government employee
  • Charlottesville Community Cares for Above and Beyond faith community
  • Cville Craft Aid for Above and Beyond group effort
  • All Blessings Flow for Above and Beyond nonprofit
  • Keevil & Keevil Grocery and Kitchen for Above and Beyond restaurant, catering, or grocery
  • Brassiere Saison for Above and Beyond use of space or product
  • Hospice of the Piedmont for Above and Beyond medical group 
  • Faith Christian Academy for Above and Beyond childcare provider
  • Dr. Taison Bell for Above and Beyond care provider
  • Heather Kellams for Above and Beyond nonprofit employee
  • Alex-Zan for Above and Beyond service–individual or family

All of us at Commonwise Home Care are grateful to the families we serve, the community members of Greater Charlottesville, and the hard workers at United Way. It is a great honor to receive such wonderful recognition and we could not be more proud!


Commonwise Is Still Here to Help

This year’s United Way Day of Caring was a big hit. We can’t wait to carry the spirit of caring with us through the rest of the year. 

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