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Benefits of Playing Bingo for Seniors

Seniors Playing Bingo

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


February 20, 2020

Bingo is commonly thought of as a game for the elderly, but did you know it’s beneficial to their health? Learn more about the benefits of playing bingo.


Bingo is stereotypically referred to as one of those “games old people play.” But bingo can actually be a very healthy activity for aging adults. Studies have shown that there are many benefits of playing bingo for seniors in particular.

Read on to learn more about how bingo for seniors is a great game for their overall health.


Benefits of Playing Bingo

Did you know that bingo for seniors scientifically improves health? Learn some of the benefits for older adults who engage in a game of bingo.


Increases Social Engagement

Games for senior citizens, like bingo, are great because it increases social engagement. Seniors often struggle with isolation. Every year they are losing friends and family to distance, death, or other factors. They’re also less energetic than they once were, which makes it difficult to be motivated to leave the house and be a part of social activities.

A bingo competition is a structured way for senior citizens to get some fresh air and interact with other people. Since bingo games usually happen at the same time every week, it can easily become part of a routine. 


Allows for Reflection and Memory Recall

One of the best sit down games for senior citizens is Life Experience Bingo.

The elderly have so many life experiences that make this game very enjoyable for them to play. After writing down the common things they’ve done on a bingo card, the bingo caller can say them to the group. 

Older adults get the opportunity to laugh and reminisce about their lives. This opens the door for them to connect with other seniors who have had similar life experiences. Additionally, using their memory to bring to mind past experiences is a great brain exercise for aging adults.


Decreases the Risk of Mental Illness

It’s sad, but the risk of mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, get higher as people age. One of the major factors of depression is isolation, which bingo helps to tackle through social interaction.

Cognitive impairment is usually accompanied by depression in older adults. Playing memory games, like bingo, is great for combatting mental illness and memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Improves Cognitive Function

Playing bingo improves cognitive function in the elderly. Brain games, even those online, help aging adults remain sharp and tackle day-to-day tasks. Most seniors are able to play bingo at various stages of mental health.

Bingo is repetitive, which is helpful for elderly players who may not have the wherewithal to learn new rules and skills. In this way, bingo strikes the perfect balance between improving the mind and being a simple, engaging game. 


Improves Memory

One of the benefits of playing bingo for the elderly is that it supports memory improvement. A wide variety of digital games and apps for seniors exist to help combat cognitive decline. However, older people may think more traditionally when it comes to gaming. 

It’s important to consider, “what do seniors like to do?” New games and technology may be foreign and unfamiliar. For those who prefer to play in-person games rather than on a screen, bingo is a perfectly good alternative. 

Games for senior citizens need to be interactive and engaging. This allows them to focus on the task at hand for a longer period of time, opening up neuropathways for learning. People who are engaged are more likely to remember what happened than if they were bored or disengaged.


Better Hand-Eye Coordination

As we age, our bodies tend to get a bit shakier and we lose some coordination skills. Because seniors must place chips onto their card quickly in bingo, it’s a good step towards improving hand-eye coordination. 

Simple movements, like placing a chip on a card, can be beneficial to the daily life of older adults. This can help your elderly loved one with household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or buttoning clothes.


At Home Care for Seniors

Grandkids may still refer to bingo as one of those “games for old people.” However, now you know the benefits of seniors playing bingo. 

Consider spending time together as a family this week to play bingo with your aging loved one. Or find a local bingo game group they can participate in. 

If home care assistance is something you are looking into, learn more about Commonwise Home Care services. Our caregivers are trained professionals, but also compassionate. The type of people who stop a task to sit down and play a game of bingo with your loved one.

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