End of Life Support

Commonwise caregivers can quietly walk alongside your loved one and family at the end of life, providing care, peace and comfort.

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


November 27, 2017

Support for your loved one (and family) in their final days.

Commonwise Home Care has a unique role to play in the support of clients at the end of their lives.

For existing clients, the presence of familiar caregiver faces always buoys families during these difficult moments. Others call Commonwise for the first time at the suggestion of their Hospice nurses during their loved ones final weeks. Regardless, a high-level of emotional sophistication and sensitivity is necessary to ensure your loved one receives the care and support they need, and your family is provided the freedom to experience these intimate moments in their own ways.

While Hospice provides all of the skilled end of life care your loved one might need, they do not provide round-the-clock personal care support. In cases where this may be beneficial, our caregivers are called in alongside Hospice nurses to provide full-time or overnight personal care.

Pioneering a New Approach to Caregiver Recruitment

Pioneering a New Approach to Caregiver Recruitment


November 1, 2017

Earlier this year, we faced a new, but welcomed, challenge: We were receiving too many caregiver applications!

Word had spread about Commonwise’s industry-leading wages and our caregiver-centered approach, and interest began flooding in from caregivers looking to join our Care Teams.

While we were delighted by this challenge, we also wondered how we could effectively process all these new applicants without compromising our standards. Too often in this moment, agencies simply hire anyone who passes a background check.

Of course, this approach flies in the face of the Commonwise ethos. So we asked ourselves: How can we focus our time and resources on those applicants who truly have the capacity to excel in the difficult role of caregiver?

Pioneering a solution

We elected to look at the issue in partnership with a leading industrial organizational psychologist. Together, we conducted a rigorous job analysis, which included a multi-month evaluation of our highest-performing caregivers.

Our goal was to better understand the skills and personality traits necessary to provide exceptional home care. Through numerous caregiver shadow sessions and focus groups, we gained real insight into the competencies of successful caregivers.

We then mapped these competencies against an evidence-based screening tool. Now, every Commonwise applicant takes a pre-employment survey that provides an important data point in assessing how successful they will be as caregivers. Those who pass the screening are also taken through our customized, in-depth, in-person interview process.

Our proprietary methodology

The study, combined with the evidence-based screening tool, has yielded a proprietary recruitment model, which empowers us to focus on candidates who demonstrate the competencies we believe personify our core values.

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