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2017 Letters of Recommendation

A litmus test for the quality of our caregivers.

Written by:

Jeffrey Grossman


December 19, 2017

11 letters of recommendation were written on behalf of Commonwise caregivers in 2017.

As we embark on our annual end-of-year reviews, planning and reporting, one metric we like to measure is the number of letters of recommendation we have written for Commonwise home care employees moving on to new chapters in their lives.

In 2017, our number was 11. While this means that we have lost some great caregivers, we nonetheless share this proudly. After all, there could not be a more clear representation of our value proposition to clients. Our Care Team is comprised of smart, motivated, and highly desirable folks.

This year our caregivers will be moving on to PA programs, Nursing School, Medical School and Full-Time RN positions. Heck, we even had a caregiver who graduated from law school and left to practice law!

By hiring extremely qualified student caregivers, we recognize that our time together may only be a year or two. To make this model work for clients, it is incumbent on us to work diligently to back-fill great caregivers with equally great team members. To learn more about how we do so, click here.

Thank you for your wonderful client care, congratulations on your successes and good luck in your new pursuits, 2017 Commonwise caregivers.

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  1. “I just received confirmation that the UVa. Clinical Nurse Leader program received the letter of recommendation you submitted on my behalf. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support!”

    Rachel W.

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